Allstars 'Must See'

The Great Gatsby

Classic text which is very hard to read - this adaptation makes it so accessible

Moulin Rouge

Pop Culture meets Musical Theatre

Romeo & Juliet

A bridge to Shakespeare

Because anything is possible if you can dream it!

Robin Williams inspiring through the beauty of spoken word.

Push for your dreams - their are no limitations that cannot be overcome!

Rated 15

Lots of interweaving stories and characters

Rated 15

Fred & Ginger

Cheek to cheek 

Effortless elegance from both dancers

Tales of Beatrix potter

Ballet with animals, what's not to love?!

Swan Lake

Beautiful Classical Ballet with the famous 32 fouette turns by the Black Swan and the Dance of the Cygnets

King of the music video, moonwalk and amazing performances

Sister to the 

King of Pop

Madonna's most iconic video featuring the Voguing dance style

Choreographed by Wayne McGregor who now choreographs for the Royal Ballet


For students aged 13 and up

Musical Theatre is not just for the theatre - it can be anywhere and everywhere!


For students aged 12 and up