Singing at Allstars

We offer lots of opportunities at Allstars to sing with us, as part of a class, our choir or in a one to one singing lesson with our incredibly talented singing teachers.

Our singing teachers have some of the best singing credentials in the industry. Our Principal Natalie is a pop star with heaps of commercial experience and is still in the recording studio when she is not teaching. Our other singing teachers between them have commercial industry experience, record contracts, theatre experience as well as the most up to date training.

Singing as part of classes come in the form of;

  • Wicked and Superstar (invitation only)

  • Musical Theatre classes

  • Allstars Choir

  • One to one singing and exam lessons

  • Festivals

Allstars Academy Choir singing Moana


Singing exams in Pop and Musical Theatre LCME

Students at Allstars are able to take singing exanimations with the London College of Music. We currently offer these exams to children who are taking private tuition with one of our fabulous singing teachers. These exams are not compulsory as part of your singing lesson, but do add an achievable qualification for those who want to, as do Festivals.


Cow Roast- Monday

Wicked and Superstar

Cow Roast - Thursday

Grease Ages 5-7

Matilda Ages 8-9

Fame Ages 9-11

Hairspray Ages 12-16

Longwick - Saturday

Allstars Choir - all ages

Cats Ages 4-6

Aladdin Ages 6-8

Poppins 9-11

Chicago 12-16


Private Lessons - Monday to Saturday both Longwick and Cow Roast